A little more about me…

My bachelor’s degree in Electronic Journalism is from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I also dabbled in documentary filmmaking. I write about travel, food, and sustainability for consumer and digital publications. I also work with brands and trade magazines to develop and implement their content strategies.

During my career I’ve worked everywhere from a tiny independent art magazine to award-winning big city publications, news stations and everything in between. In 2013, I went full-time freelance and am so happy with the decision. Travel is very important to me, as is having access to fresh air, healthy food and a non-toxic environment. Now, the whole world is my office. I’m happiest when all my great loves—food, travel, sustainability and animals—meet. If I can write about those times, that’s icing on the cake.

In 2014, I began to branch out from editorial work and entered the world of content marketing. I’ve become quite comfortable with WordPress, content management systems and SEO best practices. I never thought when I was in journalism school that I’d be writing about napkins or landscaping, but business writing is actually quite fascinating. Behind every successful brand or business—no matter how dry or boring the industry may seem—is a good story. You just have to find it. I often find myself getting excited about the strangest topics now, because my source is so into it. Those are the best interviews!

My background in television and radio broadcasting makes me a true multimedia journalist. I especially enjoy using several elements—words, sound, video, blogging, infographics, social media and photography—to tell and promote my stories.

Personal pursuits include distance running, activism, skydiving, scuba diving, yoga and traveling as much as possible. In addition to being a journalist, I’m the proud founder and editor of Global Gypsies Travel Club, a community of self-professed travel junkies who explore the world together.

Davina van Buren